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Since 2017 we have been building a solid relationship of trust with our owners and our local partners to offer you beautiful, carefully prepared accommodation to invite you to well-being and pleasure through unique experiences.

Live in Precious - Balatana

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Live in Precious - Balatana***

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Live in Precious - Niari Ouébo

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Live in Precious - Manna Cachi**

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Live in Precious - Noubara Oya

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The islands of Guadeloupe, formerly called Callaïna, Karukera for "The island of beautiful waters" Jewel of the French Caribbean where there are still so many stories to tell.

Away from all the hustle and bustle, a safe and relaxing destination in the heart of exceptional nature to live precious moments with those you love.

Here begins the unique experience of an authentic land of life ...

Welcome: more than a word, an art, a job, a pleasure ...

Your arrival is an event that we are preparing with great care. Choose the perfect options for precious moments of romance, adventure, excitement and inspiration to be experienced fully and unconstrained. Your private concierge will make them unique ...

Hosts Stories

The welcome is exceptional

With a very stocked basket accompanied by a little word of welcome. The cleanliness and decoration are at the top, the equipment is beyond our expectations ...

La story de Ewelina: Hôte résidant à Miami

A very luxurious apartment

here attention to detail has been brought whichwill make your stay unforgettable. Bruno is very caringwith unparalleled responsiveness.‍

‍La story de Yoann : hôte résidant en France

Bruno, is absolutely wonderful.

He actually made our stay much better. Communication with him was smooth and he answered to our questions and needs quickly…

La story de Wei : Hôte résidant à New York

Bruno is an exceptional host

Excellent stay. Bruno is very attentive and attentive. The rooftop is magnificent. The location is superb with a fantastic view…

La story de Caroline : Hôte résidant en France

Great stay in Guadeloupe

Very nice, comfortable and well located villa. The terrace is really very pleasant. Bruno is listening to us and responds quickly when we had requests.

La story d'Annie : Hôte résidant au Canada

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Thank you very much for your message!

We had a good trip and just got home.We thank you very much for your warm welcome in Guadeloupe as well as for your kindness.

La story de Caroline : Hôte résidant en Suisse



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Sustainable Travel - Responsible Travel - True Travel - Intense Travel - Meeting Travel - Useful Travel - Gourmet Travel


Sustainable Travel - Responsible Travel - True Travel - Intense Travel - Meeting Travel - Useful Travel - Gourmet Travel

✅ Choose accommodation that sets up an ecological and sustainable development policy, these are mandatory criteria for furnished tourist accommodation.

✅ Make the most of your walks but do not leave waste behind you.

✅ Bring nature into your kitchen with ecological products.

✅ Our city participates in the collection, treatment and recovery of waste. You have several collection points in the city.

✅ Reduce energy consumption in your rentals by turning off the lights and air conditioning when you go out.

✅ The natural ventilation of the trade winds by opening as many openings as possible, the local constructions are designed for this purpose, we are lucky in our islands to be naturally cooled. "Water is precious, do not waste it in a very difficult context of water distribution in our islands.

✅ The toilet bowl cannot accommodate waste (tampons, diapers, medicines) which alter the operation of the treatment plant and risk being rejected poorly degraded into the natural environment.

✅ Lighter suitcases by packing only what you need, you reduce your travel weight and that means less carbon emissions. Remove the outer wrapping of what you want to take with you. It also reduces the weight and reduces the burden of waste in other countries, which is very important because we do not have the same recycling possibilities as in large countries.

✅ Always keep a light, reusable water bottle and fill it before you go, rather than using bottled water.

✅ Buy and carry a lightweight, reusable bag for your souvenirs and beach gear, you can use it for your shopping when you get home.

✅ Offset your own flight by choosing a company that reduces carbon emissions, and defends strong causes in your destination countries, you will make a real difference for people around the world.

✅ Live like a local: Eat, drink and shop locally.

✅ Choose clean rental vehicles, take the bike when possible.

✅ Also use public means of transport. You help support the local economy and learn more about the country where you live.

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