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Our goal is to stimulate innovation within Live in Precious itself, to create product and service opportunities to meet the essential challenges of our islands. We want to innovate and offer a less traditional development model, innovation, population and life come together in our activity.

We want to contribute to the development of our destination by offering our customers responsible luxury, which is concerned with human values and the fate of those who are the least privileged and who contribute to the excellence of their experience.

Our "B&S" Caribbean "program aims to give hope and more equity to our populations by offering answers to the questions of how to live better on our islands and how to preserve our resources. We encourage thinking about changes, because no matter how small they can have a powerful impact in our processes.

We are concerned because impacted by climate change which increases and multiplies the natural risks in our region. Eco-responsible, our intelligent business wants to go further in its innovation program by creating a strong commitment among young people to the causes that concern them and that concern them.

Start of the program in 2021